T2 - Rossio 93

Praça do Rossio



About this property:

  • About the apartment

On the outside, the typical Lisbon architecture grants the building a unique beauty. Inside, Rossio 93 is remarkable in its modern elegance. Bright wooden floors light up the space, amplified by its straight lines, with clear-white kitchens breathing freshness and reflecting the city outside.

That is the real invitation: not letting the city out of sight.

  • About the area

Located between the romantic Avenida da Liberdade and the charming Downtown, Rossio is one of Lisbon’s most iconic and beautiful squares, an open door to the city and through time. From Roman Circus to home of ambassadors and nobles, from the market square, fertile ground for revolutions, to the popular theatre, Rossio is the place where Lisbon happens.

A famous 16th-Century saying declared Rossio the best part of Lisbon, and Lisbon the World’s best place. Rossio 93 honours history and projects it self into the future, being reborn as Rossio’s best address. Rossio 93 mirrors this square’s elegance and beauty, symbol of life and freedom in the beating heart of Lisbon, a city emerging as the World’s new capital.

Kitchen fully equipped
Public Garden

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