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Our Services


Providing Property Investment Advice.

Selling & Buying: Assisting investors to make the most apt choices in residential and commercial real estate in Portugal.

Besides our own portfolio, we also collaborate closely with major developers and agencies. The priority is finding your preferred property in Portugal.


Property management: Long, mid and short term rental management but also helping to find rental properties in Portugal.

Concierge services

Providing a suite of services tailored to clients from assisting with school identification to health club membership. Offering a soft-landing to new residents in Portugal.

Architecture & Interior Design

We work with renowned professionals in architecture, design and decorating. Whether one wants a property for lifestyle or investment, we align with advisors of similar ethics and excellence.

Legal & Tax Guidance

We have identified reliable and highly competent advisors to assist our clients, be it for property acquisition, Visas, taxes or wealth management.

How Maia International Properties can support you within Portugal