Golden Visa

Europe’s most successful residency-by-investment programme: the Portuguese Golden Visa

Important Update

The Golden Visa is no longer obtainable through property investment, yet despite this conclusion reached in October 2023, the Golden Visa remains fully operational and robust.

2024 presents a favourable opportunity for prospective investors aiming to acquire an EU passport without mandatory residency for a minimum duration of six months.

The Portuguese government has recently announced a significant amendment regarding the application period for the Golden Visa programme, now spanning between 6 to 18 months.

This period will count towards the mandatory five-year qualifying duration for citizenship, expediting the acquisition process for both citizenship and associated EU rights.

Portuguese venture capital and private equity funds are the primary sources of new applications for the Golden Visa program, offering diverse investment avenues.

This investment pathway requires no active management involvement from the investor and does not necessitate any governmental donation, distinguishing it as the only option with such features.

Why Choose the Golden Visa Programme?
  • Permanent free entry and movement through 26 European Schengan countries
  • The right to live, work and study in Portugal
  • After five years, one can apply for Portuguese citizenship with a limited stay and language requirement
  • Dependent children and dependent parents will also qualify for the same benefits as you
  • One only needs to spend seven days in Portugal for the first year and 14 days in the subsequent years (consecutively or non-consecutively)
  • The program is not blacklisted by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) - unlike many other Golden Visa programmes
  • The option to become a non-habitual resident of Portugal and pay little or no tax for 10 years
  • One can choose from a range of relatively affordable investment options
  • The security of a second residence in a safe and stable country
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