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Why Portugal?

Quality of Life

Portugal offers a unique blend of characteristics making it an ideal place to live, work and play. This winning combination is sought-after in both times of plenty and of crisis. This is the understated charm that is an intrinsic part of the fabric of Portuguese culture.

Encouraging Government Immigration Policies and Fiscal Advantages

D7 Visas, Digital Nomad Visas and Golden Visas have created a buzz around Portugal; making the move particularly appealing.

Accomplished people with drive and capital are flocking to the country, contributing to a significant increase in its commercial success.

A potential 10 year tax holiday on top of the general non-application of inheritance, wealth and donations taxes make Portugal one of the most tax efficient locations to live.

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Quality of life that is affordable. The combo that keeps entrepreneurs, digital nomads, retiring baby-boomers and business owners of all levels interested. Portugal is said to be the country with the lowest cost of living in Western Europe.

Infrastructure, Healthcare, Education and Safety

In a post-Covid world these factors are more appreciated than ever. Portugal ranks very highly in all four with ambitions to improve further. Ranked the third safest country in the world and with a very high number of quality private and public schools, Portugal is an obvious choice for families looking to relocate.

Public healthcare is also top-notch and for those looking for private care; it is more affordable and accessible than in most European countries.


From Christian Louboutin to The Aga Khan, there is a certain energy in Portugal which makes it a place of welcoming and positivity. It could be as a result of the amount of people moving here with a dream. A newly discovered utopia to many, a place to reinvent oneself or where things seem possible.

There are many practical and evident reasons why Portugal is the place to be, and others are impossible to quantify. Perhaps one is better off using the words of Amália Rodrigues when describing Fado: ‘You feel it, you don’t understand it and you don’t explain it.”

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