Muda Reserve

Quintas da Aldeia
50 plots
4-6 hectares

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Muda Reserve

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About the project

50 plots of land with areas between 4 and 6 hectares have been created here – known as Village Farms – on which houses up to 500 sq.m. per Farm may be built.

These 50 Farms are fully infrastructured: access roads, water (for farming, firefighting and home consumption), electricity and telecommunications networks.

Quintas da Aldeia is a new living concept combining the countryside and the beach, with the convenience and security of modern life.

This rural residential development will emerge around the future Aldeia da Muda – a new village built from scratch, inspired on traditional Alentejo architecture – and it will benefit from all the same infrastructures: church, playing fields, playground, support shops such as grocery, mini-market, restaurant and newsagent.

Imagine living in the comfort and privacy of a Quinta, with all the convenience, infrastructures and support services available in a village. Always with one foot in the sea and the other on shore.

About the area

Muda Reserve is located in Aldeia da Muda, Comporta, about 5 Km from the Alentejo coastline.

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