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Development - Chiado

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Price List: €690.000 to €1.350.000

About the development

This development consists of 7 floors with parking spaces. 14 apartments with areas between 88s.qm and 204s.qm.
There are several types of rooms (T1 to T3), each with its own character. The location of the living rooms offers stunning views to either side. Living rooms are higher on the top floor, where the ceiling meets the edge of the roof.
Inside the building, you'll find bright rooms defined by their gigantic facade windows. The renovation project was carried out around the building's intact facades and load-bearing walls to ensure that each space was the right size.

About the area

Located in downtown, on Rua do Alecrim, in the heart of urban life, and a few steps away from its most classic neighborhoods: Chiado and Cais do Sodré. These neighborhoods not only embody 21st century sophistication, they also evoke memories of times gone by that spark your imagination and fulfill your dreams.

Rua do Alecrim is one of the main access roads to the Chiado district.
This cosmopolitan neighborhood combines commerce, culture and leisure, with many shops, cafes, restaurants and museums. Classical and contemporary in nature, the Chiado neighborhood combines the sophistication and elegance of a historic location.

On the other hand, on Rua de São Paulo, under the magnificent arch, which joins the development, is Cais do Sodré. Take a relaxing walk by the river, enjoy the lively and festive atmosphere of Cais do Sodré or take the tram to one of Lisbon's many other historic districts.

Heating/Cooling System
Kitchen fully equipped
Parking space

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