São Bento 44

Rua de São Bento

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About this property:

FROM: €352.500 to €461.000

  • About the development

São Bento 44 is a project with 10 apartments and 5 floors with an elevator. It contains 2 units per floor, with the typologies T0 and
T1, 2 mezzanines on the last floor of the building, and 1 T2- Duplex and 1 T1-Mez. In the attached block.

With detailed finishes for each room of the flats: Nordic pine flooring and hydraulic tile, among others.

At the moment only two apartments are available: T0 and T1 Mezzanine.

  • About the area

São Bento 44 a place where the country’s most recent history was drawn, the main stage of a revolution made with flowers. The place
that embraces Amália and other great names in contemporary Portuguese history. The toponym “São Bento” dates back to the 16th
century, when the Benedictine convent was built where the Assembly of the Republic currently operates. Here, Alexandre Herculano and Laura Alves were born, and Amália, Hintze Ribeiro, and Fernando Pessoa lived.

It completes the romantic, tranquility, picturesque, and historical scenery of the place, full of catalytic energy, important landmarks of the city and
the Portuguese architecture located in the surroundings of the building or a few minutes walk away, such as the Roman
Aqueduct, the Miradouro de Santa Catarina, the Cais do Sodré, the Praça da República, the Avenida 24 de Julho, the Praça
do Comércio.

Kitchen fully equipped
Public Garden

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