Quinta Rural - Vidigueira




About this property:

  • About the property

In this property you will find land and all existing buildings: the hotel, the winery and of course the main hill (dwelling house with 400sqm and 4 bedrooms, 2 suites and 2 double rooms sharing an IS).
All agricultural equipment (tractor, multiple implements, clay hoists, stainless steel vats, etc.) and equipment installed in the hotel;
Multiple trademarks registered at INPI for wines to be produced and sold and the Rural Tourism and Agriculture company.
Regarding the list of existing agricultural equipment in the Cellar and/or on the Quinta:
• Duly registered winery (with all its seven traditional hoists and other stainless steel equipment); New Holland tractor of 85 hp; Trailer of 5 000 kilos; 2 000 liter diesel tank; 2 000 liter towable sprayer; Scarifier; Vine crusher; fertilizer; Squeegee; Weeding; Disc harrow; Despampanadeira and other implements.
It also has authorization for the annual consumption of 5,000 liters of agricultural diesel.

  • About the area

Located in the parish of Vila de Frades, Municipality of Vidigueira and District of Beja. The Roman Ruins of S. Cucufate (1st century) are a few minutes' walk from the Quinta.
The Alqueva and Pedrógão dams, recently built, the Alqueva dam being the largest artificial lake in Europe, are both in an area with high tourist potential and, often in them, sporting competitions of fishing, rowing and canoeing are held, activities whose practice (even the non-competitive) is increasingly used in the same way that the excellent river beach in Amieira has become an international reference.

Kitchen fully equipped

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