Hotel - Alcácer do Sal

Alcácer do Sal
59 - 65m2

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About this property:

Price List: €400.000 to €430.000

  • About the project

As an accommodation’s project, will be a nature inspired hotel, total with 15 rooms, including 13 of T1 duplex apartments in a modern but naturalistic style of design. All the apartments display a natural view to the river and a private and comfortable bedroom with the T1 type exclusively exempting 2 bathroom.

From the touristic complex you have direct access to the center of Torrão as well as access to private parking inside the touristic complex to facilitate touristic accommodation. In front of the main building, guests can pick between the outdoor swimming pool that delivers the sunshine and fresh air of summer, or the natural
river of Vale de Gaio, bringing you a unique experience with the natural flow of water. The touristic complex is also equipped with a restaurant that aims to offer a “farm to the table” experience, with products straight from the farm and a gastronomy experience that surpasses the expectations of people who wish for both short term visitors and visitors wishing for a longer stay without the need to leave the area of the touristic complex, offering the unique experience of local gastronomy on
the spot. In modern times, a big portion of our world’s population reside in large, fast-paced megacities.

  • About the area

In the heart of Alentejo, it consists of the same beautiful landscapes in perfect harmony with nature, surely to leave unforgettable memories for any visitor that experiences the view. There’s exquisite traditional cuisine for all to enjoy, and for the lovers of outdoor activities, it is the perfect place for activities like hunting, fishing, sightseeing and sports like cycling, canoeing and much more,
all to be enjoyed under a natural environment reigned by silence and peace. Our project aims to deliver you all of these wonders, it is in the spirit of our project to enable a healthier life and a more peaceful atmosphere for your experience.
Our needs for a time-out from our daily routines, with exotic experiences in worlds vastly different from the ones we experience daily. Taking time to experience virgin beaches and forest fields
as far as our eyes can reach is something we deeply desire nowadays. Our project aims to provide all of our customers with this once- in-a-lifetime break from our stressful routines and whole heartedly offer the most genuine experience Mother Nature can offer.

Swimming Pool

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