T2 - Calçada do Combro




About this property:

  • About the apartment

Amazing T2 + 1 apartment.
Consisting of 2 suites, full office, toilet room, patio, closet, large and bright living room of 39.05 m2, kitchenette with 16.7 m2, entrance hall, and storage. Completely renovated, furnished, and decorated in an excellent location in the central area of Lisbon.

  • About the area

It is located on the famous Calçada do Combro. They are less than 300 meters long, but on this sidewalk between Largo do Calhariz and Largo Dr. António de Sousa Macedo there are signs of important historical periods in the city and in the country. Starting with the imposing facades of its buildings.
Tram 28 marks the compass of those who go up and down the Calçada do Combro, among old palaces, monasteries and an imposing church. And where you can also find shops with stories inside, for Lisbonians and tourists, and spaces to eat and drink while watching time go by.

Kitchen fully equipped

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