T2 -  Avenida Álvares Cabral

Avenida Álvares Cabral



About this property:

  • About the apartment

Living at Álvares Cabral Avenue is to have the tranquility of the best residential area of Lisbon. This building, with 5 apartments T2, is full of wonderful surprises not least due to the fantastic panoramic views over old Lisbon and the Tejo River.

  • About the area

Between Largo do Rato and Estrela Park, Avenida Álvares Cabral is probably one of the finest residential locations in Lisbon. A classic building located on the renowned Avenida Álvares Cabral, whose name is forever associated with the determination and courage of the era of the Portuguese Discoveries, the building is undergoing total renovation using the most modern and noble finishing materials as part of yet another landmark project of Coporgest.

Heating/Cooling System
Kitchen fully equipped
Swimming Pool
Parking space

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