T1 - Avenida 24 de Julho

Avenida 24 de Julho



About this property:

  • About the apartment

The development currently has one apartment T1, with areas ranging from 76 sqm, spacious outdoor areas and stunning views, prepared to embrace Lisbon in the best way.

The Promenade stands out for its modern, yet discreet architecture, offering a safe and luxurious 'corner', on the banks of charming Lisbon.

From top to bottom, the Promenade inspires those who pass by. It awakens the latent desire for belonging. To be part of something so exclusive, refined and authentic, with a strong character and magnetic personality.

Leisure, comfort and well-being are an important part of a modern and fast-paced lifestyle. With this in mind, the Promenade offers its residents a SPA, a fully equipped gym and a swimming pool inside the building.

The luxury and refinement of the Promenade flows into each apartment, enhancing the comfort and richness of the finishes. Each apartment has its own personality, unique style and premium views over the river and the hills of Lisbon, taking advantage of the romantic light of late afternoon.

PROMENADE offers a range of excellent services, suitable only for top-tier residences, a reception with the breadth of a 5-star hotel with concierge where you can request all the services of the day to day.

A simple but correct way to describe the extraordinary location of the Promenade, where the Tagus as if knocking at your window, inviting you to share what is most beautiful.

  • About the area

Along Avenida 24 de Julho, two steps from the Time Out Market and minutes from downtown you will find a wide range of activities worthy of a modern and cosmopolitan city, in perfect harmony with the surroundings.

The charm, the unique character and the vibrant lifestyle, allow, simultaneously, a shock and a mixture of cultures, giving this area of ​​the city a unique flavor, where everyone comes together to breathe the architectural feats, the cultural inspiration and the welcoming its people.

A location lives up to its name, come and see the latest project on the waterfront of Lisbon!

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